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Thanks for being a beta tester for the new online rent payment product from KeyCheck.

Welcome to Online Rent Payments from KeyCheck.

To become a beta-test user of our new rent payment product, please schedule your next rent payment now

As with any online rent payment service, you will need to go through an authentication process with our credit card company, stripe.

We’d love your feedback, so after you schedule your first online rent payment, be on the lookout for a survey to provide us with your feedback. You can always Contact Us directly here as well.

Thanks For Becoming a Beta-Tester!

(We appreciate you)

Step 1

First, click the button below to sign into your existing KeyCheck landlord account, or create a new account.

Step 2

Once logged in, click the ‘Payments’ link on the left.

Step 3

Next you will be taken to the payments splash screen where you will be directed to link your KeyCheck landlord account with a Stripe account. Stripe is our secure 3rd party payment provider.

Step 4

Next, keep checking back on the payments page as Stripe has an approval process that has several steps. They manually review your account and may ask for more information.

Step 5

While this process is going on, we recommend you click the ‘Properties’ link on the left and add your rental properties. We do offer a feature here where you can import your property data from your Furnished Finder account!

Step 6

Once you you been approved by Stripe, you should see the ‘Add Rent Collection’ option on the payments page. Follow the prompts to invite your tenants and start collecting rent!

Landlord Online Rent Payment FAQ

Travelers are invited to complete the rent payment schedule set up by the landlord, and once they agree on the details, they fill in the payment information and schedule the payment(s).

Yes. The system asks if you would like to schedule a “one-time” payment (like a vacation rental) or “monthly recurring” for longer stays. You have the choice to set up payments for a specific time (ex. 3 month stay), or let it continue month to month until you cancel it.

Yes. You have the ability to choose “one-time payment” when scheduling a payment as many landlords prefer to take bookings offline in effort to prevent booking fees from vacation rental platforms.

Security deposits are usually added into the initial move-in costs and are processed just like any other transaction. Landlords have the ability to refund all or a portion of the security deposit at any time. The credit card processing fees for the amount returned will also be credited to the traveler at that time.

Yes. All landlords must be verified by Stripe, our payment processing company. During the Stripe landlord verification process, you may be asked to answer specific questions to verify your identity, upload a picture of an ID, and/or securely enter in your SSN. KeyCheck never receives or stores this information which is only used by Stripe while establishing your payment processing account.

Credit card processing fees are paid for by the tenant which are 4.95%. When comparing this fee to the 15-18% that vacation rental platforms take, travelers can be saving hundreds of dollars every transaction.

Yes. The landlord has to “turn on” this feature, but if the landlord agrees to offer that option, tenants will have the ability to split payments. (For instance, in the case of roommates or if a parent is paying for ½ their rent).

Your funds will be automatically deposited into your bank account within 3-5 days.

Tenant Online Rent Payment FAQ

Using a credit/debit card to pay rent and security deposits is the safest way to protect yourself when you travel. There is little or no recourse when you make a payment through services like via Zelle or CashApp, so if you change your mind, or realize that you sent money to a scammer, it is too late to get your money back. When you use a credit card to pay for rent, not only can you earn points or rewards, but you have recourse and consumer protection mechanisms built into your credit card.

Tenants are invited by their landlord to schedule a one-time or recurring rent payment. Once you agree to all the details, you can enter in your credit card info where payments will be drawn from.

Yes. There is a .8% fee (capped at $5) +1% for all ACH transactions.

Yes. Most of the time your security deposit and any other move-in fees (such as a cleaning fee) are combined into your initial move-in cost. At the end of your lease, if a landlord decides to electronically return your refund through KeyCheck, the credit card processing fees for the amount returned to you will also be refunded.

Credit/Debit Card processing fees through Stripe are 4.95%. Compared to the expensive booking fees travelers pay through vacation rental sites (15-18%), travelers typically save money with every transaction.

Yes. The ATM card fees are the same as regular credit card processing fees.