Free Tenant Screening for Landlords

  • Free Credit Screening and Background Checks 
  • Free Criminal and Eviction Report 
  • Custom Residential Leases - Ready in Minutes 
  • Secure Rent Payment Process

Advanced Landlord Tools

Through cutting edge technology, KeyCheck leverages industry-leading data and analytics to provide you with in-depth free tenant screening services to help landlords choose the best tenant. Individual hosts now have the same advanced data and statistics as the expert property managers. Our free tenant screening and background check include the renter’s payment history and credit score, while also screening the criminal database and searching for prior evictions. Custom, state-specific residential leases are also available to download in minutes.

Free Tenant Screening for Landlords 

Where some credit checks may fall short, online tenant screening and background checks from KeyCheck come with advanced eviction history to help complete the overall tenant-picture.

  • Free Tenant Screening Report with Credit Score
  • Includes Background Check, Criminal, and Eviction data
  • Soft-Pull Technology Won’t Hurt Renter’s Credit Score
  • Comprehensive Easy-to-Read Credit Reports

Custom Residential Leases

Buy a Residential Lease Agreement - Download it in Minutes.

  • Fully Customizable Leases - Ready to Download
  • For All Property Types. Any Length & All Terms 
  • Unlimited Lease Downloads - Just $29.99 for 12 Months 


KeyCheck is owned and operated by Furnished Finder, the leader in travel nurse housing with over 35,000 monthly furnished properties nationwide. Landlords with Furnished Finder listings can merge their properties after registering here. KeyCheck has a dedicated customer service team so please contact us with any questions.