Tenant Screening

KeyCheck has been designed with the needs of landlords in mind. Tenant screening shouldn’t be a complicated and expensive process, that is why our tenant screening and criminal and credit check reports are completely free to landlords. You don’t have to pay anything to help you get an accurate picture of each applicant’s history when it comes to payments and any other legal incidents. Armed with this information, you can make educated decisions about who is the best tenant for your property and enjoy a better rental experience.

Pro Package

  • Criminal Background Check
  • Credit Report
  • Eviction Report

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(paid for by the renter)

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Residential Leases

Your residential lease is not only an important legal document that will protect you and your tenant, it is also an important communication tool that directly lays out expectations for both parties. You can use the lease to outline move-in and out dates, pet policies, any additional fees and deposits and much more. By putting all these details in writing, you are helping to set you and your tenant up for success.

KeyCheck is dedicated to landlords with affordable access to the tools they need to protect themselves and their tenants and run a successful business. With our completely transparent pricing, you don’t have to worry about hidden fees. Enjoy free tenant screening and state specific residential leases for just $29.99 per year.

Residential Leases

  • Legal and Dependable Leases
  • Customize Your Lease Online
  • Written Specifically For Your State
  • Unlimited Revisions and Downloads
  • All property types and room rentals


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