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Frequently Asked Questions

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About Keycheck

KeyCheck is designed to help landlords screen applicants, while also allowing applicants to safely and securely share information that is relevant to the rental application. The process begins when an applicant shows interest in a property and shares their email with the landlord. The landlord can then use the email address to send a screening request. Once the renter accepts the request, they will be asked to enter certain information and agree to share the credit and criminal history with the landlord. Based on this information, the landlord can accept or deny the application.

Both the landlord and the applicant will be able to create an account and log into KeyCheck in order to view the status of applications and participate in the screening process.

Residential leases should include:

  • The type of property
  • The address of the property
  • The length of the lease along with renewal terms
  • The monthly rent amount along with due dates and any late fees
  • Details concerning security deposits, pet deposits and what happens if the tenant damages the home
  • Repair and maintenance obligations for both the tenant and landlord
  • Who is allowed to occupy the property
  • Grounds for termination of the lease

Depending on your state and individual agreements, the lease can contain a variety of other details, but the main purpose of the residential lease is to clarify requirements and expectations for both parties.

For Landlords

Many landlords choose to require screening reports in order to view important credit and background check information. You can make KeyCheck a part of the application process for potential tenants so that you have an accurate idea of their payment history and criminal background.

Landlords can use KeyCheck to enjoy free tenant screening services. The applicant pays a fee of $39.99 so that landlords can view their information and make decisions about who is the best applicant for their properties.

Once the applicant has requested a report, you should be able to view results within a few minutes. You can check the status of reports from your dashboard. FYI, in some cases manual verification may be required with Transunion.

Landlords can quickly create an account and begin sending screening requests to applicants without having to deal with a lengthy enrollment and setup process. The service is completely free to landlords and eliminates the need to deal with and keep track of paperwork. All the information you need can be viewed in the user-friendly dashboard.

KeyCheck requires that renters verify their identity during the screening process. If they encounter problems during this stage, they can contact Transunion for additional help.

Absolutely. KeyCheck partners with RocketLawyer to provide users with state specific leases as well as many other document types.

Absolutely. Most of our document and signing plans offer the e-sign capability which also powered by our partners at RocketLawyer!

For Tenants

No. Tenant information is for application purposes only and is not shared with any other parties.

Yes, you can rely that your personal information is fully protected and won’t be compromised during the application process.

Landlords are able to view your information for up to 60 days.

No, KeyCheck uses Transunion to pull reports - your score won’t be impacted.

Only you and the landlord whose property you are applying to rent will be able to view your credit, criminal, and history.

If you agree to the screening request, then the landlord will be able to see your credit, criminal background, and eviction history. They will not be able to view your social security number, account numbers or other sensitive information. KeyCheck does NOT store your social security number.

Yes, you will have access to your reports. Essentially, you are purchasing the reports and sharing them with the landlord, so the information is yours. Simply login to your KeyCheck account and click on "My Screening" in the left-navigation bar and you will see your screening requests.

Yes, you will need to contact Transunion at in order to file a dispute.